DWM 464 Bad Behaviour!

There is a particular version of Sod’s Law reserved especially for Doctor Who fans. It is this: whenever you sit down to watch new Doctor Who with non-fans, the episode will be terrible. This has happened to me a number of times, a particular stand-out in recent years being the time we sat down with a collection of in-laws one Saturday ... More

DWM 463 Guess Who?

The free gift in this week’s (at time of writing) Doctor Who Adventures is ‘Doctor Who?’, a version of the children’s game ‘Guess Who?’ but with pictures of the Eleven Doctors replacing Alfred with his droopy moustache and flower-hatted Claire. The boys had a lot of fun with this, as did I listening in to their questions, which ... More

DWM 462 Girl, Interrupted

Most fans of a certain age will be able to reel you off a list of Doctor Who episodes that they missed. Most parents of fans of a certain age will be able to give you a list of reasons of why missing an episode of Doctor Who did not count as a childhood trauma, whatever their offspring might say. But, you know, at the time it did feel a bit ... More

DWM 461 The End of Time

Several years ago, three-quarters of DWM’s Time Team went on a day trip to Leeds Castle, to celebrate reaching The Androids of Tara. Husband and I were extremely late, owing to train problems, station queues measuring several Earth miles (we’ve reached The Daleks’  Master Plan in our watchthrough and have learned you must always ... More

DWM 460 Family Fortunes

According to Plato, every soul knows everything that has ever existed, even prior to birth. By this reckoning (and to twist a philosophical concept to breaking point merely to serve the interests of this column), at the moment I was born I had seen every Doctor Who story up to The Time Monster Part 5, it was just that I couldn’t remember ... More

DWM 459 My Cool Craze

I need to make a confession. Right now, this column is coming to you under false pretences. You see, just at the moment, my children are just not that into Who. It’s not a big deal. They haven’t turned against it. They don’t suddenly hate it. Our dustbin isn’t overflowing with discarded Daleks or scrapped sonic screwdrivers. It’s ... More

DWM 458 The Doctor Ordered…

My husband and I recently started a mission: to watch all of Doctor Who. In order. From the start. Now, those of you with long memories may possibly recall that I’ve done this before, with my lovely chums Peter, Clay and Richard. But it’s the 50th anniversary! Somehow it felt like a good idea to do it again. So, while others may have been ... More

DWM 457 Past and Present

Happy Christmas! (I’m sorry, but in the timey-wimey world of magazine publishing deadlines it’s still Christmas 2012. You could always cut out this greeting and save it for next Christmas and then you’ll feel all efficient and ready for the festivities come October.) The first window in the Doctor Who Adventures advent calendar ... More

DWM 456 Sons of Mine

So, we were playing the alphabet game. I expect you’ve played it too, one of the simplest passing-the-time games there is: a subject is picked and either collectively or in turns everyone has to name something relevant to that subject for each letter of the alphabet. On this occasion, the subject chosen was Doctor Who. It was when we got to ... More