DWM 473 A Bad Effect?

Invasion of the Dinosaurs. It’s a good story, but those dinosaurs are just embarrassing. Except... Fan Twin watched it a couple of weeks ago, and he thought the dinosaurs were brilliant. He’s an intelligent child (if I do say so myself), so what’s that all about? I’m thinking back to my own childhood viewing – actually an ... More

DWM 472 Time to Change

Peter Capaldi’s costume has been revealed. ‘Ooh la la!’ said Non-Fan Twin upon seeing it, although I wouldn’t take that too seriously as a verdict as recently he’s been saying ‘Ooh la la!’ to almost everything. ‘I hoped he wouldn’t have a tie,’ he continued. ‘I don’t like ties.’ He has to wear a tie to school, you ... More

DWM 471 Favourite Things

In the olden days when I went to a lot of conventions, the extreme happiness of being among likeminded lovely people was always followed by the bleak, post-con comedown of finding yourself back in the everyday, mainly Dalek-free world. At the moment Doctor Who feels a bit like that. After the excitement of the anniversary year, the world of ... More

DWM 470 To Tell the Truth

In the car the other day, Fan Twin started to talk about the Doctor’s family, but ran out after Susan and The Doctor’s Daughter. ‘Have we seen any more of his family?’ he asked. ‘His mum was in The End of Time,’ I said. Without pause, Fan Twin turned to his father. ‘Is that true?’ he said. So husband went into the ... More

DWM 469 TV Magic!

I would have started writing this column earlier today, but my laptop was commandeered by certain children so they could play the Wizards vs Aliens game on the CBBC website. I didn’t mind too much, because Wizards vs Aliens is a Very Good Thing. I haven’t actually counted, but I am fairly sure I’m right to say that what to watch on ... More

DWM 468 Christmas Cheers!

T S Eliot’s Prufrock measured out his life with coffee spoons. We can measure ours with Doctor Who Christmas specials... 2005: The Christmas Invasion. I’d been lucky enough to see an early effects-free version but it’s still exciting and special to have new Doctor Who on Christmas Day, even if it does feature skeletons (I hate ... More

DWM 467 That’s What Counts

Last week husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We felt ridiculously proud that we’d continued to like each other for an entire decade, although you may be disappointed to hear that the occasion was celebrated with pizza, rather than teaming up with our past incarnations to defeat a revered figure from the history of our ... More

DWM 467 One Year Anniversary

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written for a special anniversary pull-out DWM that came with issue 467, imagining the magazine as it might have been for the first anniversary back in 1964. Only a generation or two ago, pink was the colour for boys and blue the colour for girls. I’m guessing that Mr Frederick Muller’s designers haven’t ... More

DWM 466 End of Part One

Fan Twin is watching a lot of Doctor Who at the moment. His time is basically divided between school, sleep, food, Doctor Who, football and cricket (we recently took the boys to their first cricket match. See, that fooled you – we don’t just do Doctor Who-related things, you know. Although out of all sports, cricket probably has the most ... More

DWM 465 Looking Forward

Husband and I have been arguing. You see, I thought Peter Capaldi was definitely going to be the new Doctor, just like all the rumours were saying. He, however, thought that Peter Capaldi was absolutely not going to be the new Doctor, despite what all the rumours were saying. Now, it would obviously be very bad form to use a Doctor Who ... More