DWM 483 Outside the Box

‘Leslie Grantham.’ ‘Obviously. Ooh, and the woman who killed Dirty Den. Tracy Ann Oberman.’ ‘June Brown.’ ‘Louise Jameson was in it for ages.’ ‘The bloke who played Caleb in Face of Evil with her was in EastEnders at the same time. Leslie Schofield.’ ‘Anna Wing from Kinda.’ ‘Jo Joyner was Lynda-wi... More

DWM 482 We Will Do Our Best!

The boys will be starting Cubs in the new year (in fact they are due to be at their very first meeting on the day this DWM is published). I’m reading through the list of activities that they have to look forward to in the term ahead, and honestly, an awful lot of Doctor Who characters would have benefitted from these opportunities. Fire ... More

DWM 481 Unconditional Love

Dear Santa, For Christmas, please could you bring world peace, a cure for all illnesses and Mission to the Unknown returned to the archives, obvs. (Please don’t ask me to rank them in order of preference.) I really don’t like writing to Father Christmas, it seems very grasping. Also, you always have to tell him that you’ve been ... More

DWM 480 The Late Show

No, you can’t go to bed. You have to stay up and watch television. Oh, what a topsy-turvy world we live in. The late timeslot has caused mayhem in our house. (I understand that a number of my friends now timeshift viewing to watch with their children. Slightly worried that this never actually occurred to me – or at least as no more ... More

DWM 479 Ignorance is Bliss

New Doctor Who: how do you watch yours? Obviously the answer is ‘I just sit in front of the telly and point my eyes at the screen’, but aside from that, it’s not quite so straightforward... Let’s look first at spoilers, sweetie. I hate and fear them. Oh, I’m fine with knowing bits and pieces, but don’t tell me things that ... More

DWM 478 Chatty and That…

I need to write a DWM column. Fast! But what to say? Here I am, on holiday, typing on a borrowed laptop (that I haven’t quite got the hang of yet and have managed to accidentally change everything to italics and start printing, and I’m only four lines in so far. It’s the end of August and we’ve watched Deep Breath, but I’m still ... More

DWM 477 Through New Eyes…

We have a new telly! It’s been a few years since we had a fully functioning television – the old one had a dodgy on-off switch and a bizarre pink splodge over one side of the screen – but as it still worked in the sense that pictures appeared on it, more or less, we haven’t really felt justified in splashing out on a new one. But when ... More

DWM 476 Know the Score

The World Cup starts today! My today that is, not yours. Is it over yet where you are? Did England – sorry, Engerland – win? Husband has drawn Switzerland – sorry, Switzererland – in the office sweepstakes, did he perhaps win enough to keep us in Big Finish audios for a month or two? How I envy you future people your knowledge. And ... More

DWM 475 Urgent Calls…

We are a family of habit, and one of our nicest traditions is to trundle down to Bournemouth every Easter to stay with my lovely mother-in-law (if any burglars are reading this, beware: we leave a very fierce couple of guardcats behind us. Also, at a push, some guard guinea pigs and guard gerbils. The guard goldfish, I have to admit, probably ... More

DWM 474 The Votes are In!

Our Who-watch has reached Underworld. The Doctor Who Magazine poll results are still being compiled as I write, but a reliable source tells me that Underworld will be in the bottom five. Sadly this comes as no surprise. The one positive thing about watching Underworld is that it’s so unmemorable that at least I get a few surprises every ... More