Stay-at-Home Festival and roundup of assorted things

I'm really not very good at keeping a website up to date. But let's quickly catch up with what's been going on... Tomorrow! (That's April the 1st. And no, it's not a hilarious April Fool's joke. (I passed my driving test on April 1st. Now that definitely was an April Fool's joke.)) Anyway. As I was saying. Tomorrow! You can catch me, along ... More

Writing for Catherine Tate, and other excitements!

Well, it doesn't get much better than that. To say I was excited when I was invited to write a script for Catherine Tate is an understatement - but it was nerve-racking too. Writing for a writer you admire, worried that they might not find your jokes funny - eek. It's not something you can say no to, though. The plays are out early next year, ... More

TV Years

I've written for lots of magazines over the years, but one thing I've never done is... (deep breath) interview people. Some people are naturals at this. I very definitely am not. But when the call came from TV Years (@TVYears), asking if I'd interview some of the hugest names from children's telly, I couldn't say no. So out in the shops now ... More

End-of-year Doctor Who round-up

Solely so 2018 doesn't end with my not having updated my website since April (yes, I am ashamed. So very very ashamed), here is a little look at what Doctor Who projects I've been involved with this year... This month, I popped back to Doctor Who Magazine for a little look at the Season 19 Blu-ray. That's in Issue 533, which is on sale ... More

On Going Viral…

  Yesterday, this happened. Or to be completely accurate, this is still happening, the screenshot’s from this afternoon and likes and RTs continue to build by the second. The whole thing took me slightly by surprise. My children found it hilarious, texting friends to say ‘Now Mum’s trending in Canada!’ ‘Now Mum’s ... More

International Women’s Day 2018

It's publication day for The Day She Saved the Doctor, a Doctor Who book about women, by women, to celebrate some of the inspirational women characters that paved the way for Jodie Whitaker becoming the Doctor. Here's a piece I wrote for the Radio Times explaining more: More

Bits and bobs and books

Exciting things! My book for Badger Learning's 'Papercuts', The Sickness, is out now. This is my 'Misty prose' story, where plague returns to the land and dreadful things happen to a perfectly nice girl who doesn't deserve it at ... More


Over the years I’ve written a fair bit about my love for classic girls’ comics of the 1970s and 1980s, my particular objects of adoration being the IPC triumvirate of Tammy, Jinty and Misty. (NB I call them ‘girls’ comics’ because that’s how they were designated, but I probably know more males than females who adore them, many ... More

Tales of Terror!

Out now is Tales of Terror, a super-spooky collection of Doctor Who stories, just right for Hallowe'en! I've contributed stories for the First Doctor and the Sixth Doctor - always my first choices! The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo find themselves at a deadly Hallowe'en party, while the Sixth Doctor has some sinister brain-teasers and ... More

Siren Song

I've not had much new stuff to report lately, owing to a rather extended period of illness, but hurrah! Things are on the up again, and new projects are being released into the wild once more. Here for a start is my contribution to the forthcoming Between the Lines range from Badger Learning (for whom I previously wrote Snow White, Black ... More