What’s up, Doc[tor Who]?

Goodness! A lot of time has passed and a lot of stuff has happened. Let’s do a quick catch-up, shall we?

Books! Last week saw the release of The Ruby’s Curse, which I had the pleasure of working on with River Song herself, actor Alex Kingston. It’s probably the most complicated book I’ve ever been involved with, but also one of the most fun (shout-out to editor extraordinaire Steve Cole!) We’re talking two narrators, fact versus fiction, settings from Ancient Egypt to 1930s’ New York to the far future, and twists and turns galore (a few cameo appearances get sprinkled in too). Spreadsheets and diagrams were involved. But I think the result might actually be worth it…

It’s out in hardback, for Kindle, and as an audiobook (read by Alex Kingston) on CD or via Audible. So many different ways to consume it! (Ooh, talking of CDs, I should also mention this recently released audio, featuring River’s very own father, Rory Williams, accidentally becoming emperor of Rome.)


June sees the release of two more Doctor Who books: The Wonderful Doctor of Oz and Legends of Camelot. There are some very subtle clues in those titles as to the content! Yup, we’re talking crossover time – the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham get whisked away to Oz, while the Tenth Doctor and Donna end up in Camelot. Ohhhh, that was fun! I got to work with some truly lovely people at Puffin, and they’ve certainly done us proud with the covers. (NB The cover of Oz may give a very slight teeny-tiny hint as to who the surprise villain is ?)

All three for less than 25 quid! Blimey.


Last year I was offered a job I just couldn’t turn down – that of producer of the Sixth Doctor audio range at Big Finish Productions. I’ve worked with Big Finish for over two decades as a writer and later a script editor, but producer? Well, that’s way outside my comfort zone. But I adore the Sixth Doctor so much! I had to say yes. And now the hardest part is not being able to tell people about all the super-cool stuff we’re doing, with some pretty darn amazing writers and actors. Watch this space…

Talking of spaces and watching – last week I was approached about something that’s as close to being my dream job as anything that’s ever existed. And I can’t talk about it! (Also do not want to jinx it.) (Also do not believe that things can be jinxed.) (Also worried that saying I don’t believe in jinxes will have jinxed it.) Gah! I’ll just shut up now. More updates anon! Maybe. Probably. Fingers crossed.



[A personal note. You might gather from all this that my workload has been through the roof. Horribly, we had a family bereavement too, the type of desperate grief that destroys you from the inside out. If you’ve sent me a message via this website or Twitter (or elsewhere) and I haven’t responded – my time and energy reserves have been so deep into the red that all I can do is apologise.]