Over the years I’ve written a fair bit about my love for classic girls’ comics of the 1970s and 1980s, my particular objects of adoration being the IPC triumvirate of Tammy, Jinty and Misty. (NB I call them ‘girls’ comics’ because that’s how they were designated, but I probably know more males than females who adore them, many having secretly sneaked their sister’s copies back in the day.) As a comic-lover, I’ve been overjoyed to write various comic strips during my career so far, but oh, how I wish there were still similar titles out there these days so I could endlessly badger them to let me write thrilling episodic tales of girlie adventure.

Although talking of ‘badger’… while I’m never going to be able to write for Tammy, Jinty or Misty, I am incredibly happy that I do get to write for Badger Learning, because the sort of stories they like to publish are very similar to the sort of stories that graced the pages of those iconic comics, even if not illustrated or in serial form. My second book for them, Siren Song, is now out! Here be the blurb:

Sasha hasn’t said a word since her brother mysteriously disappeared. 

Was it an accident — or does Sasha know something she’s not telling?

Zoe is determined to find out the truth, no matter who gets hurt.

But some secrets should be left alone…

I’d classify Siren Song as a Jinty-esque story – although I have another Badger book coming up that’s very definitely a Misty!

These series are aimed at teenagers who find reading challenging but want stories appropriate for their age, so the books are very short and easy to read. But look, just like all those boys secretly reading Misty under the covers even though it wasn’t aimed at them, why not check out Badger’s teen ranges even if you’re old enough to remember when newsagent’s shelves groaned under the weight of weekly picture-story-paper delights?

Here’s a handy link so you can find it easily among the mere 483 books called Siren Song or similar that Amazon lists.