DWM 499 and ‘new’ book

UK shoppers have only got two more days to pick up DWM 498 (featuring Witch Hunt Part Two and my column withdwm499 handy hints on how to introduce new viewers to Doctor Who) before DWM 499, with this glorious cover, usurps it in the shops. DWM 499 includes a column about costumes and the final part of Witch Hunt – will the Doctor and Clara escape the Witchfinder General? Will the mischievous Miss Chief get her comeuppance? (Spoiler: well, yes, probably.) It’s Clara’s last appearance in the comic strip, and I hope I’ve given her a good send-off. She’s been a pleasure to write for. Oh, and as a little bit of fun, knowing that Peter Capaldi is a Pertwee fan, two (similarly themed) pictorial references to the Third Doctor have been sneaked in. Would love to hear if you spot them!


A few people have noticed that I seem to have a new book out soon: The Water Thief. But appearances can be deceptive. In 2012 BBC Children’waterthiefs Books released a number of ‘2 in 1’ volumes, each one featuring two different stories, and are now releasing the stories singly. This is actually a reprint of half of Step Back in Time and, also contrary to how it looks, doesn’t feature the Foretold, just some everyday dead-people-come-to-life mummies. (Look, don’t tell anyone I told you, but you can actually buy Step Back in Time for Kindle on Amazon at a lower price than The Water Thief pre-order for Kindle, and get an extra story to boot – and I’ve just sabotaged my own sales figures, haven’t I. Idiot girl.) Anyway, the Kindle version is out on 5 May, with a paperback to follow in July.