Adaptations and Dramatisations

Doctor Who: Love and War

On a planet called Heaven, all hell is breaking loose.

Heaven is a cemetery for both humans and Draconians – a final place of rest for those lost during wartime. The Doctor arrives on a trivial mission – to find a book, or so he says – and Ace, wandering around Joycetown, becomes involved with a charismatic Traveller called Jan.

But the Doctor is strenuously opposed to the romance. What is he trying to prevent? Is he planning some more deadly game connected with the coffins revered by the mysterious Church of Vacuum and the unusual Arch that marks the location of a secret building below ground?

Archaeologist Bernice Summerfield thinks so. Her destiny is inextricably linked with that of the Doctor, but even she may not be able to save Ace from the Time Lord’s plans.

This time, has the Doctor gone too far?

A new adaptation of the Virgin New Adventures novel which introduced Bernice Summerfield; also contains the prelude from Doctor Who Magazine and a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the story.

Written By: Paul Cornell, adapted by Jacqueline Rayner
Directed By: Gary Russell

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1781780244

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Doctor Who: The Highest Science

The Highest Science. The pinnacle of knowledge and a terrible weapon. A legend – nothing more.

Sheldukher. The most wanted criminal in the galaxy. Evil to the core and hungry for power, whatever the cost.

The Chelonians. A vast military power, pledged to eradicate human parasites wherever they are found.

The Doctor. An ancient and wise Time Lord tracking a temporal fluctuation that endangers the universe itself.

Some things should never meet, but as Professor Summerfield is about to discover, the universe is full of coincidences.

Written By: Gareth Roberts, adapted by Jacqueline Rayner
Directed By: Scott Handcock

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1781783665

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Merlin: The Magic Begins

Merlin arrives in Camelot full of excitement and eager for adventure. But sorcery is outlawed in Camelot and so he must learn to hide his own unique magical talents.

When a mysterious new knight arrives for the sword tournament, Merlin suspects that dark magic is afoot. He’s determined to investigate, but soon finds that keeping the magic secret – and Prince Arthur alive – is much harder than he thought…

  • Publisher: Bantam Children
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553821116

Merlin: Potions and Poison

A deadly plague is sweeping through Camelot and Gwen is suspected of witchcraft. Somehow Merlin must help Gaius find a cure and save his friend. But before long Merlin is poisoned too! Prince Arthur sets off to find the antidote, but is he walking into a trap?

  • Publisher: Bantam Children
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553821123

Merlin: A Fighting Chance

Merlin wants to help his new friend, Lancelot, become a Knight of Camelot – but it’s not as easy as he hopes.

Then the Lady Morgana is struck down by a mystery illness. Gaius is baffled and a new physician arrives to help. He seems to have all the answers, but Merlin suspects that there’s something sinister going on.

  • Publisher: Bantam Children
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553825015

Merlin: Sword and Sorcery

When Merlin and Morgana join forces to save a child the king has commanded to death, they soon discover that going against King Uther could prove fatal.

Meanwhile, a mysterious black knight arrives to challenge the Knights of Camelot to mortal combat. Old secrets, long hidden, are stirring and the king is afraid for his only son. The black knight seems invincible and Merlin senses that only magic can stop him…

  • Publisher: Bantam Children
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553825022

Merlin: The Sorcerer’s Curse

A treasure trove is discovered deep beneath Camelot but when the spirit of an evil sorcerer is unwittingly unleashed, Merlin quickly discovers that all that glitters is not gold.

Meanwhile, a deadly assassin has arrived in Camelot. His aim? To kill Arthur. Will Merlin be able to save the prince from the killer’s lethal blade . .

  • Publisher: Bantam Children
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553822076

Merlin: Dangerous Quests

When Arthur kills a unicorn, Merlin knows that terrible consequences lie in store for Camelot and its people.

And things are set to get worse. After a hunting trip in the forest, Arthur is fatally attacked by a savage beast. As the Crown Prince lies dying, Gauis knows that dark magic is at work and Merlin is the only one who can save him – but at what cost …

  • Publisher: Bantam Children
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553822052

Robin Hood: Who Shot the Sheriff?

When a mysterious sniper begins to murder the innocent people of Nottingham, the Sheriff is quick to blame Robin Hood. To stop the killings, Robin must work with the Sheriff to discover the true identity of the murderer. Is it really the elusive Nightwatchman? And can the Sheriff really be trusted?

This is an exciting adventure read by Richard Armitage, who plays Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood; it also features Robin and his loyal band of brothers, as seen in the hit BBC TV series. This exciting new adaptation of the classic tale is crammed with action, humour, wit, and romance, bringing the legendary outlaw hero to life for a whole new generation.

  • Publisher: BBC Worldwide Limited
  • ISBN-13: 978-1405677158

Earthsearch: Mindwarp 1-3

Arama – a great domed city encased in rock, deep beneath the surface. Generation after generation of people have gone about their lives in a world of finite space and infinite resources – never pondering the many inconistencies around them. They have been taught not to.

To them there is only Arama… and Diablo – the evil land against which they fight an eternal war. And the outdoors? Well, that’s just a myth. Something to frighten children. A threat for those who disobey the Guardian of Destiny. No one questions why things are as they are. No one wonders if there could be something more.

Until now…

Written By: James Follett, adapted by Jacqueline Rayner
Directed By: Jason Haigh-Ellery

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1903654521

Oh No It Isn’t!

What could possibly go wrong on Professor Bernice Summerfield’s investigation into the lost civilisation of Perfecton? Nothing, it seems – until they leave the planet and spot a dirty great missile heading towards their ship. But instead of oblivion, Benny finds herself plunged into the strange world of – panto.

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1903654309

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Walking to Babylon

The People are one of the most technologically advanced races in the Universe – except in the area of time travel. Professor Bernice Summerfield has a time ring. So does her ex-husband Jason Kane. Trouble is, they’re their wedding rings, and they won’t work unless they’re together.

Benny is surprised when Jason turns up to visit her at St Oscar’s, especially when she discovers that he has brought one of the People with him. She should have guessed that her good-for-nothing ex wasn’t just interested in her company…

Using the time rings, two People create a Time Path and travel back to ancient Babylon, taking an unwilling Jason with them. Benny has just 48 hours to find them and rescue her errant husband, before the People back in the 26th century send a singularity bomb to destroy the Path – and Babylon.

But someone else has discovered the Path and walked to Babylon – Edwardian time-sensitive John Lafayette. And Benny discovers her mission has a complication that she never dreamed of – romance.

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1903654194


Thrown off the Time Path, Professor Bernice Summerfield is trapped in early 20th Century London, with only one of the pair of time rings she needs to get home. At the other end of time, her ex-husband Jason Kane finds himself stranded on a dead world, where the queen of the Charrl demands his help to save her dying race. But all he wants to do is find Benny, and return to the 26th Century.

In the East End a series of grisly murders has been committed – is this the work of the legendary Springheel Jack or, as Benny suspects, something even more sinister? Allied with a Russian detective, she determines to find out. But the master of a grand order of sorcerers has other plans for her…

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1903654361

Just War

The Nazis occupy British soil and British citizens are being deported to European concentration camps. Those who do not co-operate with the Germans are shot.

This isn’t a parallel universe: this is Guernsey, 1941, and it’s where Bernice is stranded. With no sign of Jason, she has to endure the full horror of the situation, alone and afraid.

And something, somewhere has gone wrong. The Nazis are building a secret weapon, one that will have a decisive effect on the outcome of the war – and it’s up to Benny to put history back on course…

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1903654354

Dragon’s Wrath 1-3

The Gamalian Dragon is ­ a jewel-encrusted statuette captured by the warlord Gamaliel from the legendary Knights of Jeneve after the Battle of Bocaro. It is now sought by Romolo Nusek, apparently Gamaliel’s descendent, to prove his right to assume his ancestor’s mantle as ruler of the Sector.

When Benny joins a group seeking to find the legendary statuette, she has a secret. No one can possibly find one on Stanturus because she’s already carrying it ­ left for her by a murdered colleague.

The trouble is, the expedition does find one and, as a result, most of them are mysteriously slaughtered. Benny realises she and historian Nicholas Clyde must discern the traitor in their midst. Could it be Gilder, the obsequious administrator from Benny’s own university? Could it be Truby Kamadrich, the famous archaologist? Or might it be the bizarre librarian Reddick, who never leaves Nusek’s vaults, protected by an inhospitable volcano?

  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 978-1903654033