Welcome to my website!

This is the place to find details of my various books and plays, and loads of my articles and columns are lurking here too, as well as random bits and bobs. I hope you enjoy what you find.

And because cat pictures automatically make things on the Internet a thousand times better, here’s a photo of Effie (short for Euphemia) “helping” me write.

***No Monoids have been hurt in the making of this website***


Latest News

BOOKPLATES AND BOOKMARKS FOR CHARITY 24th June, 2021FOR BOOKPLATES AND BOOKMARK PURCHASES just click HERE If you’ve come here from Doctor Who Magazine, thank you. I’m not […]

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SHOP! 23rd June, 2021If anyone has popped on here due to getting a copy of DWM early – our charity items will be […]

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Featured Works

Doctor Who: The Stone Rose 12th February, 2016I’ve received more fan mail for The Stone Rose than anything else I’ve ever written – and most of it […]

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Doctor Who and The Pirates 12th February, 2016“One of the most distinctive stories Big Finish has ever released… A powerful, poignant story that has a sudden emotional […]

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“Mummy, you’re the best writer I know. Mind you, I don’t really know many writers.”- Twin1, Aged 9