Meeting My Doom

Well, I intended this to be a place for random blogs as well as news items, yet I've done nothing about it. So let's change that. Over the last few weeks, I have become so completely obsessed with Doomwatch (1970-2) that I thought it might be cathartic to actually write about it. Here are a few ramblings… I honestly don’t know why I ... More

DWM 499 and ‘new’ book

UK shoppers have only got two more days to pick up DWM 498 (featuring Witch Hunt Part Two and my column with handy hints on how to introduce new viewers to Doctor Who) before DWM 499, with this glorious cover, usurps it in the shops. DWM 499 includes a column about costumes and the final part of Witch Hunt - will the Doctor and Clara escape ... More

The Legends of River Song ebook is out now!

It contains five long short stories (oh, you know what I mean); mine is about River’s friendship with an Auton disguised as Elvis Presley. It also features yet another over-enthusiastic conservationist, which seems to be becoming a bit of a theme of mine. I should perhaps point out that any similarity to persons living or dead is purely ... More

Witch Hunt

I’ve written another comic strip for Doctor Who Magazine, following last year’s ‘Blood and Ice’. Woo! It’s called ‘Witch Hunt’ and sees Clara’s final appearance in the comic strip – so sad. To my delight I’ve been teamed up again with Martin Geraghty, whose art I adore. I’ve seen some of what’s to come and it’s ... More

The Legends of River Song

From January’s Doctor Who Magazine: “The adventures of the Doctor’s fourth wife, River Song, continue in a new release from BBC Books, The Legends of River Song, containing stories by Jacqueline Rayner, Guy Adams, Jenny T Colgan, Steve Lyons and Andy Lane. “’These are just a few of River Song’s exploits, extracted from her ... More

Doctor Who Magazine 496

Doctor Who Magazine #496 is in the shops now, featuring a column in which Fan Twin and Non-Fan Twin go to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and my husband reflects on reboots, but I don’t actually manage to sum up his points very well. Oh well. More