Over the years I’ve written a fair bit about my love for classic girls’ comics of the 1970s and 1980s, my particular objects of adoration being the IPC triumvirate of Tammy, Jinty and Misty. (NB I call them ‘girls’ comics’ because that’s how they were designated, but I probably know more males than females who adore them, many ... More

Tales of Terror!

Out now is Tales of Terror, a super-spooky collection of Doctor Who stories, just right for Hallowe'en! I've contributed stories for the First Doctor and the Sixth Doctor - always my first choices! The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo find themselves at a deadly Hallowe'en party, while the Sixth Doctor has some sinister brain-teasers and ... More

Siren Song

I've not had much new stuff to report lately, owing to a rather extended period of illness, but hurrah! Things are on the up again, and new projects are being released into the wild once more. Here for a start is my contribution to the forthcoming Between the Lines range from Badger Learning (for whom I previously wrote Snow White, Black ... More

Benny’s back – today!

Earlier than expected, The Squire's Crystal and The Glass Prison ebooks are available from today! Hurrah! https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/released/bernice-summerfield-books More

Benny republished!

One of the questions I'm asked the most is,  'When will Big Finish republish The Squire's Crystal and The Glass Prison?' And finally I have the answer: 16th February 2017! Back in the early days of Big Finish Benny, it was decided to release novels that tied in with the ongoing audio storyline. Unfortunately while the audios have remained ... More

Christmas Round-up

Just a little update of current writery stuff: The Twelve Doctors of Christmas is also available as an audio book, and I'm lucky enough to have the brilliant Sophie Aldred and Adjoa Andoh reading my stories. The book seems to be going down well, and the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#507) says some extremely nice things about it, ... More

Pleasepleaseplease not time for Christmas stuff already no no aaargh help

In just over a week this little beauty will be hitting the shops: a rather gorgeously illustrated hardback with a Christmas story for each Doctor. I chose to write for the First Doctor (no surprise there) and the Third Doctor - the first time I've written fiction featuring him, which means every (numbered) Doctor is now crossed off my list ... More

Nice Things

I've been incredibly touched by all the lovely messages people have sent regarding the end of Relative Dimensions in Doctor Who Magazine - thank you so much. Issue 500 felt like a good place to leave it - what a milestone! - but Tom and Peter asked if I'd do a 'farewell' column so I popped back for #502, which actually was a much better plan. ... More

Detecting the Detectives

Here’s a fun thing for a Monday morning. I was listening to Paul Temple Intervenes (1942) last night (I luuurve Paul Temple) where Paul examines a bookcase to find works by Dorothy L Sayers, Agatha Christie, E Phillips Oppenheim, Freeman Wills Crofts, Edgar Wallace and Edgar Allan Poe. Which set me wondering: how many Golden Age crime ... More

You Can Stick It

The gloriousness that is Doctor Who Magazine reached its 500th issue this month (helping itself to a Guinness World Record along the way), and I was overwhelmed to find that Blood and Ice featured in the twenty essential comic-strip moments since 1979. But what was even more of a surprise was - and I still can't quite believe I'm typing these ... More