Writing for Catherine Tate, and other excitements!

Well, it doesn’t get much better than that. To say I was excited when I was invited to write a script for Catherine Tate is an understatement – but it was nerve-racking too. Writing for a writer you admire, worried that they might not find your jokes funny – eek. It’s not something you can say no to, though. The plays are out early next year, and I kick off the set with a tale of the gruesome goings-on when Donna Noble goes speed-dating…

More info and pre-order here: Donna Noble Saves the World

There’s a vast amount going on in my life, hopefully stuff that will have a positive outcome, and I’ve declared this my carpe diem year. I’ve been looking for new work opportunities, and so submitted a script during the BBC Writersroom comedy window earlier this year. I heard this morning that ‘Inaccessible’, my sitcom about disability (yes, it can be funny – although sometimes it’s more if you don’t laugh, you’d cry), was one of 42 scripts, out of the 2728 submitted, that got to the stage of being read and discussed by the senior members of the team. It didn’t get any further, but as it was my first attempt at a sitcom script, I’m not going to turn up my nose at that. Onwards and upwards!