End-of-year Doctor Who round-up

Solely so 2018 doesn’t end with my not having updated my website since April (yes, I am ashamed. So very very ashamed), here is a little look at what Doctor Who projects I’ve been involved with this year…

This month, I popped back to Doctor Who Magazine for a little look at the Season 19 Blu-ray. That’s in Issue 533, which is on sale now. Graham is on the cover. I love Graham.

From DWM 533. Graham not pictured.

Over the summer I had a lovely time working on Yasmin Khan’s Case Files with the very nice people at BBC Wales Digital. Mandip Gill narrates. You can find them here:

The Stenza

The Remnants


Mutant Spiders



The Postmen


Creatures of the Antizone

The Ux

And there’ll be a new Case File up for the ‘mystery monster’ in the New Year episode soon! (Yes, you’ve probably worked out what it is now from the TV trailer. But I signed a non-disclosure agreement! I dare not name it!)

The Missy Chronicles, which featured my short story Girl Power! (a story I had huge fun writing) will be coming out in paperback soon if you missed it first time round, and it’s not too late to get hold of The Day She Saved the Doctor, the International Women’s Day 2018 collection with stories from Jenny Colgan, Susan Calman, Dorothy Koomson and me.

Doctor Who Infinity, the follow-up to the very successful Doctor Who Legacy game, seems to have gone down very well so far. I worked on Story 4, The Silent Streets of Barry Island – the Doctor, Rory and Amy battle killer insects during the Swinging Sixties – with art by the amazing Emma Vieceli. Hopefully that will be out soon!

What else, what else? Big Finish! Behind the scenes I’ve been script-editing the Companion Chronicles, always fun, and there’s been The Diary of River Song 3: A Requiem for the Doctor, the first time I’ve written for Peter Davison’s Doctor. Speaking of ‘ticking things off my want-to-do list’, on 23rd November (what a lovely date), Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant recorded my script ‘Like’. I’ve long wanted to write for the Sixth Doctor and Peri – they were going to be my team for The Marian Conspiracy way way back in the year 2000, until the coming of Evelyn Smythe, and while I don’t regret a single line I got to write for the amazing and much-missed Maggie Stables, it made me very happy to write for them at last. I’ve another BF play coming up too, but that’s still at the secret stage, alas.

Gosh, I didn’t think I’d done a huge amount of Who this year as I had a load of other fun stuff happening – but that’s turned out to be quite a long list. People just keep tempting me back with lovely things!

And what of toilet seats? I hear some of you ask. Well, firstly, tsch, they’re not Doctor Who related, but secondly, seeing as you’re asking: yes, I am still getting daily notifications about the toilet seat tweet. That’s daily, as in Every. Single. Day. The likes climbed to well over half a million, but are now down to a mere 397,510 after the many Twitter purges of 2018 (presumably meaning it had been liked by over 100,000 bots – don’t they have better things to do with their time, like promoting p*rnography or attempting to influence the politics of the entire Western world?) But it’s been an experience. All is grist to the writer’s mill. So maybe you should look out for Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with a Toilet Seat in 2019 after all…