Doctor Who and The Pirates


“One of the most distinctive stories Big Finish has ever released… A powerful, poignant story that has a sudden emotional kick.” – Starburst Magazine

“Four episodes of bliss… a beautiful character study, a rip-roaring adventure, a hilarious comedy, a blinding musical and a striking piece of drama whilst offering a treatise on narrative techniques at the same time. Remarkable: 10/10” – Doc Oho reviews

Doctor Who and the Pirates (or, The Lass that Lost a Sailor) My most controversial work – but the one I love best. I know the combination of silliness and darkness isn’t for everyone, and that’s even before we come to the fact that one episode is a musical, but it let me say things that I believe are important. Helen Goldwyn’s voice still gives me goosebumps. It has a Goodie as the baddie and the Sixth Doctor sings! Everyone – the amazing actors, supportive producers, musician extraordinaire Tim Sutton and especially director Barnaby Edwards, who was so sympathetic to what I shall pretentiously call ‘my vision’ – threw themselves into making this impossible story come to life, and I’m very proud of what we achieved.

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